Stingray Sam is coming!

UPDATED: Goddamit, they changed the time on us! I swear it was 7:30 before, but now they’re saying 7pm sharp. They even crept into my mailbox and edited the mail i got last week, so it says 7pm as well!  Get out of my brain, Cory McAbee!

This just in: Cory McAbee’s latest cinematic onslaught, STINGRAY SAM, will premiere online September 15th at 7:30pm 7:00pm PST!  All of us here at FAMH (all one of us) have been all a-tingle with anticipation from the first moment we saw this trailer:

Cory McAbee, the songwriter/impresario behind the Billy Nayer Show, is also perhaps the greatest living Bizarro filmmaker.  His movies exist in a parallel universe of unsettling comedy and surreal gags, constantly tracing the fine line between making you laugh and freaking you out.   I love all his films, including:

THE KETCHUP AND MUSTARD MAN – a sort of homage to David Lynch, in which a senile Elephant Man desperately tries to recall edifying fairy tales for children … and it’s a musical, highlighting some of the best BNS tunes of its era.
THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT — an achingly beautiful noir-space-comedy set in the creepiest dive bars in outer space … and it’s also a musical!  W. Mott Hupfel’s cinematography will make you long for the good old days of black & white.
THE MAN ON THE MOON — an adorable cut & paste pixelvision diary of the filmmaker’s early days in San Francisco, and guess what: also very musical!  It features the hit single “Must Be Santa!” which we sing to ourselves every Yuletide when there are no cops around.

But STINGRAY SAM is clearly better than all of these films, because it’s the only one you can watch on a toaster oven.  (Suck it, Wolverine!)

Apparently, if you stare really hard at this computertronic billboard-thing on Cory McAbee’s blog for the next thirteen days, there is some likelihood that it will magically transform into a live broadcast of STINGRAY SAM, right at 7:00 on Tuesday September 15 … but that’s only if everybody stares!  So stare! Stare harder!  We’re staring, we’re doing our part.  Join us!  STARE!

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    Well, the premiere has come and gone. The pixels were large and poignant. Actually, we all decided the picture was too crappy to watch, so we pooled our money, paid $8 for the download, and finally viewed Stingray Sam in all its glory sometime around 9:30. What a treat!

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