See you at Bizarrocon!

I’m polishing my suit and ironing my shoes … for BIZARROCON, this weekend at the Edgefield Manor in outer-outer Portland.  It’s an entire weekend of activities for authors and fans of the ultra-weird lit genre we call Bizarro, and this year’s convention promises to run me glamorously ragged.

How ragged, you ask?  Here’s my itinerary:

  • I’ll be appearing on three panels on Saturday, talking about Guerrilla Marketing, Bizarro Humor and how to read in public for maximum effect.  I’ll be joined by some impressive co-panelists including authors Carlton Mellick III, Andersen Prunty, Bradley Sands, Jeff Burk (author of Shatnerquake) and Cameron Pierce.  Whether you think I’m full of shit or of wisdom, this is a good day to come get a scoop.
  • I’ve been nominated for not one but two awards: the Wonderland Book Awards for best novel (Help! A Bear Is Eating Me!) and best collection (Rampaging Fuckers of Everything …).  If I win something, I will give a speech and do a little dance.  Even if I don’t, there will still be cocktails at the Eraserhead Press Anniversary Party.
  • I’ll be competing in the Ultimate Bizarro Showdown — the cage-match equivalent of story performance.  Last year, first place was stolen from me by that scoundrel Garrett Cook.  I’ll show him, oh yes …
  • Jeff Burk and I will run a late-late-late night screening together of our favorite weird video clips, starting Sunday morning at 2am.  No sleep for us!

Aside from all that exposure, there’s approximately one bazillion other activities and events on the convention schedule. This will be a weekend to remember.  In fact, I’m getting tired just thinking about it … so tired …  zzzzzzzzzz

“BizarroCon, it’s like an enema for the soul…”  – Andersen Prunty

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