Bizarro Freebee Alert!



My publisher, Eraserhead Press, is awesome in so many ways that I could write a whole book about how awesome they are and ask them to publish it.  (Although they might decline to publish it, because who really wants to read a whole book about that?  But then again, it would have lots of unicorn battles …)

But for instance: FREE BOOKS. Thanks to Jeff Burk at Eraserhead, from now until Thanksgiving you can use download free PDFs of several fine titles … including but not limited to THE BIZARRO STARTER KITS.

Now, I’m often asked what Bizarro is all about, and for all my loving it and knowing it and being it I sometimes struggle to explain it in straight-man terms.  But really if you want the scoop you need to read one or both of these collections. My own novella, MONSTER COCKS, appears in the Blue starter kit, and one of my favorite absurd stories of all time, THE GREATEST FUCKING MOMENT IN SPORTS by Kevin L. Donihe, appears in the orange one.

For those reasons alone, you ought to avail yourself of this limited-time gift opportunity, and download these and other fine Eraserhead books.  Then, after you’ve enjoyed those fine works of bizarro literature, you can investigate the works of two dozen other authors working in the genre.  Love them?  Awesome!  Hate them?  No problem — that’s the freedom that only free stuff can give you.  All you have to do is download.

Do it now; do it here.  Free is a very good price!


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