NEW! The Cannibal's Guide to Ethical Living

The Cannibal's Guide to Ethical Living

Eraserhead Press has just released Mykle Hansen’s latest novel: THE CANNIBAL’S GUIDE TO ETHICAL LIVING! It’s a dark comedy of madness, money and haute cuisine.  Mr. Hansen reportedly considers it the bee’s knees.

“In a remote and dangerous corner of the ocean, the renowned gourmet and food journalist Louis De Gustibus is held captive by an elite chef-and vegan cannibal-named André. But André would never eat his dear friend Louis. Andre only eats millionaires!”

“The Guide” (as we at FAMH have taken to calling it) will enjoy a “coming out” party at this year’s BIZARROCON and a World Promotional Tour of Ultimate Promotion in spring 2011.  But you don’t have to wait as long as that — you can order it now from!

Watch this space for more information, as we manage the exciting transition from full-time-novel-writing to full-time-novel-promoting.

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