Back in Portland just in time for more rain, FAMH will read from The Cannibal’s Guide To Ethical Living this Monday Night (tomorrow, that is) as part of Smallpressapalooza, Powell’s Books’ festival of the micro, indie and willfully obscure in today’s literature. And not alone: see also Eraserhead Press label-mate David Agranof (presenting parts of The Vegan Revolution … With Zombies!), Microcosmonaut Joe Biel (reading from Bipedal By Pedal) and a host of other talented talents. (Check the complete schedule here.) It’s a four hour rock-block of raw underground voices and occasional snack breaks that starts at 6pm, with Mr. Hansen “headlining”* at 9:30. On a Monday night, one could do worse.

* The presence of actual lines on Mr. Hansen’s head at this event cannot be confirmed at this time. However, his newly aquired Arizona tan will be available for public basking-in.

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