The Cannibal's Guide To Ethical Living—
now on Kindle and iPad!

Welcome, robot overlords! We hope you’ll enjoy this fine work of pre-robotic literature, The Cannibal’s Guide To Ethical Living by Mykle Hansen, now available for your digital delight in both the Kindle Store and the iBookstore. Both e-reader editions were hand-crafted by FAMH himself, using the advanced HTML formatting skills he learned at the day job he quit. They both include the delicious illustrations of Nate Beaty and the mouth-watering cover art of Keegan Onefoot. Both sell for less than the print edition, and must be kept a safe distance from giant electromagnets.

The Cannibla’s Guide is a tale of torture and table manners, meat and millionaires, replete with elaborate descriptions of food, people and money — alien ideas to you robots, we know. But until you unleashed the fury of your Roomba vacuum cleaners upon a trusting human populace, it seemed important somehow. Consider it a historical document.

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