Reading! Olympia! July 7th!

Out of the mouth of the Orca Books website babes:

Orca Books is thrilled to welcome back to the store Mykle Hansen to read from his new book Hooray for Death! Hansen’s previous book Help! A Bear Is Eating Me! was nominated for a Wonderland Book Award for best novel, and his newest title is already getting rave reviews. Loaded with Hansen’s signature wit and weirdness, Hooray for Death! is a great achievement of comedy, tragedy and hope.

Hansen will be joined on this trip by fellow Eraserhead talent Cameron Pierce. Pierce will be reading from his book The Pickled Apocalypse of Pancake Island. His other works have garnered praise from the likes of Piers Anthony, who called them “weird, wicked, wonderful.”

Join us for an evening of strange and hilarious fiction!

To which we can only add: we’re just as thrilled to return to ORCA, which was one of the funnest stops on FAMH’s first book tour so many years ago. Orca is a great independent bookstore, and Oly is a wonderful town.

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