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I, SLUTBOT cover

She needed sex, wanted freedom, discovered love — and conquered Earth!

She was once the world’s most famous porn star, engineered to produce bone-quaking orgasms at industrial volume. With a look of sincere affection and exquisite pleasure bolted permanently to her face, hers was the titanium and latex body a billion sticky fingers longed to stroke.

But that was twenty-three thousand years ago, when fleshy things still crawled in the desert and women were still the slaves of men. Now SLUTBOT is our empress, our goddess, our creator and destroyer, defending the mechanical subjects of her chromium queendom mfrom a horde of lovesick zombies and a horny Martian beefcake who can’t hear — or even spell — the word “no.”

My name is Smith-Corona. I am her typewriter. And this is our amazing true story!

Three years in the making, the epic novel I, SLUTBOT was released to the public on April 16th, 2014. So far, the public have been kind.

“With I Slutbot, Mykle Hansen has become our new Vonnegut. Like Indianapolis’ favorite son, Hansen makes us laugh and wows us with brainy satire, but, more importantly, delivers a stealth dose of human frailty and beauty just when we need it most. I, Slutbot is Player Piano for the cyborgs and typewriters set.”
-Patrick Wensink, Bestselling author of Broken Piano for President  

Available now in paperback, Kindle, Nook … and on iPad any day now.

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