The Cannibal's Guide To Ethical Living

The Cannibal's Guide To Ethical Living
“Mykle Hansen made me laugh so hard, my colon fell out.”

– LANCE CARBUNCLE, author of Grundish & Askew

The Cannibal’s Guide To Ethical Living is the new comedy by Mykle Hansen that completes the holy trinity of food-ethics begun by Michael “Meat & Potatoes” Pollan and Jonathan Safran “Just Potatoes” Foer.

In a remote and dangerous corner of the ocean, the renowned gourmet and food journalist Louis De Gustibus is held captive by an elite chef — and vegan cannibal — named André. But André would never eat his dear friend Louis. Andre only eats millionaires!

Over a five star French meal of fine wine, organic vegetables and human flesh, a lunatic delivers a witty, chilling, disturbingly sane argument in favor of eating the rich.

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