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The Coffee Project: day one

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

My head aches, on schedule.  It comes and goes, accompanied by thirst — it’s a very hot day — and a heavy-lidded disorientation.  It would be a good day to spend in bed, but it’s way too hot.  And I promised my friends Seth & Missy that I would help demolish their bathroom.

Seth & Missy took me to lunch and we talked about coffee.  It makes Seth irritable and Missy anxious.  It makes them fight.  Seth nearly exploded this morning at the café when the baristas put on Metallica.  I have to agree: what were they thinking? Read the rest of this entry »

The Coffee Project

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009


I’ve got to stop drinking coffee.

Coffee makes me anxious.  Coffee plus the Internet makes me downright livid.  It gives me apocalyptic moods.  Surely, the world is not going to end just because Fox news is lying this morning.  But don’t try to tell me that after a cup of coffee.  This morning was awful … visions of wing nuts screaming bloody revolution because the president is trying to improve my health care.  I could scream.

Coffee messes with my head.  I think it drives me toward short-term thinking, crisis-mode planning, seeing trees instead of forests.  I am distractable, irritable, easily offended.  I lose track of what I’m doing, and bounce around the house like a pinball.

Coffee interferes with my digestion in interesting ways.  It can make me nauseous, give me headaches, put me to sleep instead of waking me up, makes me binge on over-large lunches.  And when evening comes, coffee makes me drink.  Alcohol is a reliable exit-ramp from the coffee speedway. Read the rest of this entry »