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Thursday, March 19th, 2009

UPDATE!  Who huffs paint?  We huff paint!


Painting a bike takes almost as long as building one. And if you think working with spraypaint is toxic, try working with enamel clearcoat.  It is to gack!  Never again without my respirator.  (How many times have I said that before?)

But it sure looks perty.

I also completed the front wheel lace-up, and replaced that ugly granny-step with a small and sophisticated accessibility device:


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Spring is in the air, and a young man’s thoughts turn to bicycles.  It began with LIGHTBAR cleanup, and my wife’s reasonable question: what are you planning with that big pile of dead bikes in the garage?

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Bamboo Dome Tips

Friday, March 13th, 2009
Fuller's bamboo dome, composed of RR and RB crosses.

Fuller’s bamboo dome, composed of RR and RB crosses.

I’ve found many online references to Bucky Fuller’s bamboo dome design, but no reports of anybody actually building it.  Here’s my impressions, and a few things I learned.  (But keep in mind that my dome fell over.  Caveat Surfator.)

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Friday, March 6th, 2009

Even now, two weeks later, friends of mine are expressing to me their sympathy for LIGHTBAR, the way they might for a dead relative or pet.  People have asked me how I’m feeling, if I’m okay … call me dense but at first I thought they were offering to lift heavy objects for me.  I didn’t figure out until lately that people are worried about me personally.  But really, I’m fine.

The collapse of LIGHTBAR was somehow incredibly shocking and sad.  The most frequent text response I received was an N with twelve Os after it.  But sad as it was, it wasn’t so bad.  Nothing was damaged, nobody was hurt, no major financial loss was felt.  I happened to catch a bad cold right at the same time, but I feel fine now.  We missed out on three days of LIGHTBAR, but we had seven others under our collective belt.

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