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Leprechaun Trap!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

My ten-year-old daughter disbelieves in Santa, the Easter Bunny and God. But every year, on the evening before St. Patrick’s Day, she sets a trap for leprechauns.

Here we have one bottle of Maker’s Mark (the only whiskey in the house), surrounded by bills, coins and four-leaf clovers that she’s collected over the year. That’s the bait.

Surrounding that, barely-visible, is a border of double-stick adhesive tape laid out on white paper, and a second ring of double-stick tape around the neck of the bottle. That’s the snare.

Unfortunately, this morning we found the empty bottle tipped over on the table, and all the remaining bait stuck to the tape! Fucking leprechauns!

But Happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway …

Alaska POSTPONED, again, shit shit shit shit shit …

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Arrrgh!  Sorry, sorry, sorry … again it’s happened that we must postpone this shot.  Sarah Palin can’t make it; something about a bowhunting appointment.  And I personally am caught with my pants down because I just got back in town.  For all of you who were able & planning to make it, please accept my apologies.
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Snazzy Portland vs. Cold Alaska!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Attention volunteers, weirdos and northern soaks!

Believe it or not, folks, but Snazzy Portland is still in production.  Like a grizzly bear, it takes long naps and wakes up HUNGRY!

We are now planning our third group-shot for the video, set in scenic ALASKA!  We’re very tentatively planning this shoot for SUNDAY MARCH 7.  (At this juncture it’s hard to be sure about the weather, so we will re-confirm or reschedule later this week.)
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