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UPDATE 9/11/2008: Look ma!  We have a whole website for the Speed-Vest now — you can sign up for news about the V2 vest, get yer press-blurbs on,
and stay informed about the 2009 Tour De Speed-Vest!
Furthermore, we’ve now got video of the vest in action here.
But if you’re looking for some fairly nerdy reading about how to make one of these yourself … read on!

The SPEED-VEST is a bicycle safety device and advocacy tool which displays the wearer’s current speed on their back in easy-to-read lighted numerals. It improves rider conspicuity while legitimizing bicycle speeds on the roadway. Originally conceived by Brady Clark and engineered by Mykle Hansen, it just won the Hub Bike Shop’s Bike Gadget Contest in Minneapolis, MN.

The system consists of a wheel speed sensor, a wearable numeric display and a small computer that does the thinking. The computer is an Arduino: an open-source embedded computing platform powered by an Amtel microcontroller. It runs for 6 hours on a 9 volt battery, and is about this big:

in the palm of my hand.


The numeric display is made from electro-luminescent wire, supplied to us by CooLight.com. El-wire glows brightly when supplied with a very small amount of high voltage, high-frequency current. It’s cheap, flexible and fairly durable. One AA battery can power the SpeedVest display for up to 6 hours.

... and it's pretty.


This project was my first foray into microcontrollers. Not knowing much about electronics, I imitated this circuit closely; however the Arduino platform, suggested by the members of Dorkbot PDX, was much easier to use than I had imagined and quickly became my new favorite computer.

I wouldn’t call the project arduous, but the most time-consuming aspect was probably soldering the circuit together on the Arduino’s prototyping daughterboard. Next time, I’m going to learn how to make my own printed circuit board.

soldering, soldering, soldering ...


Meanwhile, Brady designed a template for the el-wire digits, based on the digits in old Nixie tubes. It seemed appropriate — it’s almost the same technology, really. Since I had 12 pins to play with, and since you can only overlap so much el-wire, we put five digits on the right and seven on the left:

the stacked numbers template


We mounted the el-wire on a piece of black denim, taping on the template as a guide, using a technology the Coollight.com folks hipped us to: the Buttoneer. I don’t know how well it works for re-attaching buttons, but it’s great for this.

the buttoneer at work


We achieved sharp corners by running the wire behind the denim through a hole, and then back through to the front at another angle.

the view from behind


In order to display the SpeedVest for judging at the Gadget contest, we needed a mannequin. So, we borrowed another great piece of Internet advice. Witness below the birth of the creature known as “Packing Tape Brady”, made possible through the assistance of super-assistant Heather Anderson:

We were up most of the night before the event deadline: debugging code, writing up handouts, fixing bad solder, screen-printing text onto reflective backing, velcro-ing everything together, and arguing about the relative artistic worth of the digits zero and seven. The next morning, we got it all together and brought it to the Bell Museum with about 15 minutes to spare.


(Somehow we neglected to get a picture of it working — but it worked!)

Despite some excellent other entries (including the zoobombariffic Superman Bike!), we were tickled pink when the judges at the Bike-In presented Brady and myself with a $150 gift certificate from the sponsoring bike shop, the HUB bike co-op of Minneapolis. And what a gift certificate! This beautiful hand-drawn check would have been prize enough, even if it hadn’t been financially negotiable.

words don't do it justice.


The Speed-Vest will be undergoing speed trials in Portland, Oregon at an undisclosed test track this Sunday night. If you are interested in bringing the Speed-Vest to your town or event, or just want more info, please drop us a line:
info @ speed vest . com

83 Responses to “Speed-Vest!”

  1. revphil Says:

    i will bust this vest open like flavaflav busting a rhyme about Dolly Partons tits. EXPLOSIVE NUMEROLOGY!

  2. Mark in DUB Says:

    I’m afraid of possible negative effects on my health due to obsessive compulsion to maintain a constant speed of 23. That’s MPH, right? ‘Cause that’s pretty fast. I guess it would be possible, given a stretch of lightly used road that goes gently downhill forever.

  3. steev Says:

    This is so damn cool! At first I thot this was another “fake ad” of Brady’s, but it’s actually real! OMG! y’all rock!!!

  4. steev Says:

    oh i just realized, you never explained what you use to sense the speed and get that data to the microcontroller…

  5. mykle Says:

    It’s the sensor from one of the bike computers that the City of Portland was giving out for free at one point — a standard bike component. Electronically, it consists of a switch mounted to the seat stay and a magnet mounted to a spoke which closes the switch momentarily. Quite simple, really,

    (I didn’t know how to hook that to a pin on the Arduino, but i found the answer in the Spooky Arduino class materials: http://todbot.com/blog/spookyarduino/ )

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  8. zach Says:

    Just to let you know, although on the arduino there are 13 labeled pins for digital I/O, the 6 analog pins can be also addressed as digitals. Just treat them as 14-19. (i.e. `digitalWrite(19, HIGH);`)

  9. mykle Says:

    Word to that. Figuring out how to overlap more digits would be the hard part, really, but getting a full 0-9 readout on the right-hand side is on our list for 2.0, along with integrating the el-wire inverter, triacs and arduino on a single board with a single power supply, and of course going wireless!

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  13. KCJEVJEV Says:

    you should try it as a 7 segment display, not quite as cool but sounds like you could get 15 pins going.

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  15. Mike Says:

    Bud, only a guy with a girlfriend that cute can get away with the Saran wrap look AND the Robot dance move. Kudos!

  16. voon Says:

    COOL VEST… it can display the speed up to 99MPH… i’m wondering if that device can be used on a jet plane… lol

  17. e12ys Says:

    COOL VEST… it can display the speed up to 99MPH… i’m wondering if that device can be used on a jet plane…

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  22. Alan Says:

    Fantastic job on this project. I think it could be very helpful in road safety.

  23. Abhi Says:

    Awesome job on the project! Nice display and a different look from the regular 7 segment.

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  30. daveinglasgowscotland Says:

    we want this. bad. please sell it to a company who can build and dist it…i could really see it saving lives.

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  34. Nathanael Ramos Says:

    I hope it will be distributed in Europe…

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  40. Zot Says:

    You have the link to CooLight wrong. They only have one ‘l’ in the URL. The correct address is http://www.coolight.com/ (I have linked my name to it). Very cool project. Now I have to make one for my wife.

  41. mykle Says:

    Ohgoddammit. You’re right of course. Fixed.

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  45. thomasina Says:

    I want one please tell me how to purchase

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  52. Zot Says:

    Do you have the schematic anywhere? I am trying to build something similiar and I am having trouble determine how to ground the triacs and the inverter source. Also how you are getting the speed signal, are you wired to the bike?

    Lastly you need a announcement list so we can see, ext time you are in Seattle!

  53. petria whelan Says:

    We totally love your speed vest, can we buy one in London?

  54. Ken Says:

    The first thing that struck me when I watched your demo video was the fact that the cyclist wearing the vest has no lights and is almost invisible at many points! The Speed Vest is a very clever idea, but it is a poor substitute for several high intensity rear LEDs, if you want to be seen when riding at night.

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  61. Michele Guerra Says:

    I think this is an amazing project, but I think the electro luminescent sticks are not well positioned: there are too much number for the first digit and not so many for the second one.

    It’s hard to go at 50 mph and in the meantime the low number of sticks used for the second digit make a low precision.

    The right thing is simply to exchange the digits 😉

    Sorry for my bad english.

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  63. Matt Says:

    You know, with 2 simple to use IC’s, you could fully realize 0-9 on boths sides of the vest, using only 8 pins from your Arduino device, since only 2 digits are ever illuminated at once.

    I can give you a quick rundown on how to do it if you would like, feel free to e-mail.


  64. Jor-ELL Says:

    My nipples are about to explode with excitement!

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  67. Blizzard Says:

    If you were to make the digits segmented, you would need much less wire but still be able to make a similar look the way you have now.
    For instance:
    7 = —
    8 = ()
    9 = ()
    A little hard to do in ASCII but you can see that the 9 is made up from the parts of the 7 and the 8. 3 is only half a 8, etc.

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  69. Jung-Kunsoo Says:

    hi speed best.
    I who am the electronics student of Korea put on. Your this that vest once which made makes and sees to want. Oh two purchased Roh EL wire, etc. inverter all. Absoluteness will not commercialize. Oh the program source which two uses in Roh knows. Entrusting gives. Cannot English but the mail tries to send like this. Reply to the reel which crawls begs a good fortune

  70. http://rich-niche.info/cookie/img/smilies/happy.gif Says:

    nice! [IMG]http://rich-niche.info/cookie/img/smilies/happy.gif[/IMG]

  71. MarkusB Says:

    Moin moin, schicker Beitrag auch wenn ich das etwas anders sehe 😀

  72. shanyan Says:

    very good!

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  74. tandem cycles for sale Says:

    i think the electro luminescent sticks are not well positioned, but it is somehow an effective project on my own observation.

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  83. Craftsman Says:

    Contact the folks on TV about SharkTank – sell the idea for $1M and retire. I’d love to buy one – not techie enough to make one. Great job with the design, manufacture and publicity.

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