January 4th, 2011

LIGHTBAR has taken many forms: pyramids, spheres, imaginary castles, saggy blobs.  But this year’s goal is to create a glowing fun-structure that is portable, foldable and re-useable.  So I’m returing to one of my favorite structures: the ingenious Mongol/Cossack Ger, a.k.a. Yurt.

At 20 feet in diameter, this Yurtbar will be a touch cozier than the mega-dome of 2009.  But the lower ceiling means that the central heating might actually warm something other than empty overhead space.  Yurts are beautiful, inspiring places.  And far more practical than domes!

Bamboo is still my naturally-occurring material of choice!  This year’s batch is donated by Ross Blanchard, the first official LIGHTBAR SPONSOR of 2010.  Could you be the second?

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  1. Dhani Toney Says:

    Please let me know of I can be of help!

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