Frequently Asked Questions about LIGHTBAR

January 11th, 2011

Q: What is LIGHTBAR?
A: LIGHTBAR is a Seasonal Affective Disorder treatment center and cocktail lounge. Visitors are exposed to wide-frequency light fixtures, light entertainment, light conversation and light beer. Sometimes we light things on fire.

Q: When is LIGHTBAR?
A: February! On Saturdays in 2011, and on other days TBD.

Q: Where is LIGHTBAR?
A: LIGHTBAR is all over Portland, Oregon — locations are TBA in February. Watch this space! (If you’d enjoy a LIGHTBAR on, next to, or hovering over your property during the month of February, please get in touch. We are looking for more landing pads.)

A: A cast of dozens! There is a LIGHTBAR Volunteer Junta, which you can join — there is so much to do! We’re on Facebook, but you don’t have to be. (Keeping non-Facebookers informed is a high priority for me. Facelaziness is no excuse. ┬áJust tell us how to reach you.)

A: It’s just one of those things that gained its own momentum. People need it, desperately. Chet & I threw the first one six years ago out of sheer desperation. S.A.D. is a real problem — winter in Portland is dark, dark, dark! LIGHTBAR provides a dose of spring in an easy-to-swallow winter format.

Q: Should I ask my doctor about LIGHTBAR?
A: Fuck that. LIGHTBAR is available without a prescription! However, if you are photosensitive or suffer from epilepsy, ask your doctor about protective eyewear that will allow you to enjoy LIGHTBAR safely.

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