The Canonical List of LIGHTBAR needs

January 14th, 2011

… as promised days ago, here is the official place where I’m going to keep track of the official things LIGHTBAR is officially looking for.

Because people are so helpful, this list is subject to change at any time!  And because I’m an airhead, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things.  So bookmark this page!  Watch it grow and change.

BAMBOO: I’m making this structure out of bamboo.  I have about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I need.  Bamboo grows like weeds around here, doesn’t it?  I am looking for 40 sticks about 1″ thick for the roof, and 40 sticks about 1.5″ thick for the inner wall.  I can cut & collect it at your location, or the location of your absentee landlord.

BOAT: If you are the pilot of a boat big enough to carry people or things across a river, and would enjoy the job of ferry driver for an evening. we could erect LIGHTBAR on one of Portland’s many charming islands!

LIGHTS: Always looking for beautiful, interesting and/or wide-spectrum lights to hang at LIGHTBAR.  Portability is key this year: I’m especially fond of lights that can be laid on the ground & can survive mild jostling.

ACTIVITIES & EVENTS: Still open to your concepts for LIGHTBAR events!  The more locations we can manage, the more events we can have.  Movies, music, dancing, feats of strength, mesmerism, lectures, all that!

TRUCK/VAN/MULE TEAM: The portable lightbar will need to be ported.  Either we draft a mule-team of bicycle cargo trailers, or I may have to borrow someone’s van.  Ideally I would have this for the whole month of February, using it to store all the LIGHTBAR apparatus between events.

A MILLION DOLLARS: If I had a million dollars, I would spend about $700 of it on an experimental smart-light installation that Paul Stoffgren of DorkbotPDX is designing.  I am about to launch a little Kickstarter campaign to try to make that happen.  (With the remaining $999,300,  I would purchase ponies!  Ponies for everyone.)

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