LIGHTBAR LAUNCH! Saturday, February 5th!

February 2nd, 2011

What's that blinding orb in the sky?

Darkness sucks! Light is awesome! Spring is coming!

It’s Opening Night at
L I G H T B A R !
5536 NE 27th Ave

Please come christen our interurban spaceship, before we launch it directly at the sun!

TO WEAR: White! It’s white night! Outer space attire encouraged!

TO BRING: Firewood! Drinks! Sunglasses! Snacks!  Cameras! Oxygen! Space rays! Lights of all kinds!

TO DO: Converse with the citizens of the moon! Win the Paparazzi Shootout!
Watch a movie! Dance in Zero Gravity! Enjoy light snacks, light beer and light rock! Travel to strange new lands!
Get lightly hammered on the Champagne of Beers and the Beer of Champagnes! Work on your tan!

LIGHTBAR is open Saturdays in February. Watch this space for further instructions.

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