Domebuilding: Day Two

January 14th, 2009

Hail Bamboo Satan!

I finished the first two stages this afternoon before I ran out of light, leaving a great big bamboo pentagram in the middle of my yard.  (I’m told this will repel Christians.)

Fuller’s plan would have me cut all the poles to a rough length after marking, but i’d really rather keep them whole, and somehow work the extra structure into the dome.  So far I seem to be getting away with it.  There’s always little extra bits of bamboo flopping around, but I can cope.

I’m using about 1 foot x 1 inch of duct tape for each cross intersection, and 1′ x 2″ two times on each joint between two crosses.  so that’s going to be something like 2 & 1/2 feet of 2-inch duct tape, times 85 crosses = about 70 yards.  That’s about one big roll, and a bit more.

I’ve left the whole thing uncovered outside.  Dew will form on it, and rain may fall.  Let’s see if I can really get away with using duct tape on this.  If not, I may upgrade to white gaff tape.

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