May 26th, 2006

msl, and Chetland Studios presented …


… and it was good. pictures and detritus here.

kudos to our majestic visitors the Solar Royalty, our musical guests the Golden Greats, and all the fabulous people.

Structurally it was a central load-bearing tower of three extension ladders, guyed to three points to form a tetrahedron, over which we draped a square poly-tarp. The interior was surprisingly hospitable in all kinds of rain and cold. We didn’t get to try it against severe wind — it probably would have collapsed. Not up to BRC standards, but successful nonetheless. The centerpoint, where the weight of the tarp plus tension is borne on a 1-foot-square point, began to fray in that way poly-tarps do. Even really expensive ones.

Add power, sound system, video games, furniture, a bar, a band, a dress code, and about 3000 watts of light; stir. Pour all over your friends, their friends, and 50 strange furry people on bicycles.

COSTS: Total cost of construction: $200 (for a fucking tarp, ouch). It took about 30 dude-hours to erect and 15 dude-hours to tear down. We kicked in a couple hundred bucks for champage and snacks. Various other costs absorbed by my absorbent friends. (THANKS!)

Next year: central heating; extension cords instead of real romex (what was I thinking?); some kind of lawn protection; a circular clip around the weight-bearing center, to spread the load; and i think we’ll keep it up for a couple weeks.

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