Domebuilding: Day Six

January 22nd, 2009

90% done now, and the thing is hee-yuge!  I wish it had an upstairs.

More than half of my time in the last three days was spent driving around town, picking up bamboo from the yards of my friends.  There are now six varieties of bamboo in play, with different diameters and colors and traits.  It could get messy, but it seems to be holding up well.

Yesterday I started Stage Seven before running out of duct tape again.  I’m off to the store for more, but I think I may actually have enough bamboo now, which means the frame will be done soon — soon like tomorrow!

Then I have to work out how to get the tarps onto it.  I can’t really climb it, and my ladder won’t reach the top, but I’ve got some ropes and some ideas.

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