Domebuilding: Oops …

January 22nd, 2009

I know what you’ve been thinking:

“That guy’s dome is too big.”

I’ve been in denial.  I’m sorry.

I plotted out the 32 foot floor plan, and eyeballed the rest.  But that third dimension is a bitch.  I’m bumping and scraping against the limbs of our three mighty trees, but that’s not even the problem — limbs are flexible.  The problem is, I’m now touching the overhead wire that delivers the Internet to my next-door neighbors. I hardly need tell you, The Internet, what it would mean for my neighbors’ quality of life if I accidentally severed that wire.

I estimate the dome is about 2 feet from its maximum height.  So very close … and if I could just move the whole damn thing two feet to the side, I think it would all fit.  With nine friends I could manage it in an instant, but trying to move this thing by myself is made difficult by my lumpy, uneven lawn.

Speaking of which: I figured I’d put on the last course and then custom-trim all the poles to size.  But that’s probably not as easy as it sounds — it seems that the whole thing flexes whenever one foot drops in height without the other ones.  So I’m plotting a better way … but I have to decide whether I want the horizon of the dome to follow the slope of the lawn — probably at least 5 degrees — or the actual horizon.  If the latter, then the bottom course will be some crazy two-level madness, and will involve understanding the geometry better, and will just generally suck and be hard.  Sigh …

2 Responses to “Domebuilding: Oops …”

  1. Ouroboros Says:

    I stopped-by saturday with enth and walter for a look-see. No one was home (I think we passed G on her way out, but, it being cold and everyone in caps and scarves, neither of us recognized each other until later). The frame looks great. How slack is that cable?

  2. mykle Says:

    The cable looks tight from the ground, but viewing it horizontally from the bedroom I can see it’s still got lots of slack.

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