Lightbar Launched!

February 7th, 2009

Egad, what a night!  Hundreds of people in fabulous white costumes, hovering under the lights like moths, laughing, dancing, talking, smiling …. so much smiling!  Can pictures do it justice?


For the last week, I admit, I’ve had this mild cloud of doom hovering over me: what if nobody comes? What if everybody comes?  What if they burn the place down?  What if my neighbors shoot me?  What if I have to clean this mess up by myself?  What if all my friends are jerks?

But three cheers to my awesome non-jerk friends and wonderful neighbors for making it all work out so well.  Kudos to DJ Dishmaster for the non-stop hits, true to form. Thanks to everyone who came when I asked them to come, and left when I asked them to leave.  Double extra thanks to the citizens of Planet Kimchi, who traveled 10,000 miles over the internet to visit us with their intergalactic face transporters!

The dome handled it all with aplomb. Sure, I’m blowing my own horn a little — and Bucky Fuller’s — but it really is a beatuiful and inspiring space.  Everybody wanted to know how to make one.  Watch the horizon — bamboo duct-tape domes are coming soon to your neighbor’s yards.

MEANWHILE: I should mention that we have a full schedule of events online now — finally! One of the many slightly-behind-schedule elements of LIGHTBAR 2009.  And I’m very excited about tonight’s performance of IN C, the avant-garde classical work of composer Terry Riley.  Music will begin at 8pm.  A brief champagne celebration will follow, and then the bar will close at 11.

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