In C

February 12th, 2009


On Saturday LIGHTBAR hosted a performance of Terry Riley’s “In C”, a piece of music that’s been variously classified as avant-garde, modern, 20th century (which used to mean modern), aleatoric and minimalist, and which sparked a revolution in musical hierarchy in 1966 when it was first conceived.  I’ve been in love with this ever since I first heard it last fall.  I had no idea it’s so widely performed, but it’s super fascinating to play and to hear.

Since we did it in a geodesic dome, we dubbed ourselves (okay, I dubbed ourselves) the Hemispheric Chamber Orchestra.  Comprised of viola, cello, accordion, piccolo, tenor saxophone, synthesizer, and myself on Death Star, we tore through the piece in about 30 minutes.  It seemed like an eternity, but ran about half as long as we’d expected.

Ward Cunningham of Dorkbot PDX was on hand to make beautiful pictures such as this one.

(Click for a better view; this blog is not equipped to house such broadly horizontal things.)

The performance was filmed and recorded for posterity.  When I get a recording, I’ll post it here.  Mad classical props to Sean, Cameron, Rich, Seamus, Lauren and Pete for volunteering to attempt this in public!

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