Red Night at LIGHTBAR!

February 23rd, 2009

… was great!  For instance:

Huge thanks to my pals in CHERVONA, the greatest Russian band in all of Portland! They leave for their Maslenitsa tour of California IHOP franchises on Friday. Go see them!  Their last Portland show before the tour will be this Thursday at the Alberta Street Public House.

Huge thanks also to everybody who came, danced, partied, celebrated, tipped, and then vanished into thin air right at midnight like ninja elves!  Such professionals!  Remember:

He who rocks and sneaks away
lives to rock another day!

2 Responses to “Red Night at LIGHTBAR!”

  1. salome Says:

    The lightbar party and that crazy cycling event, wish i was there. Could you let me know next time events like those happen again in the portland area? I came across this site through dalas verdugo’s blog. I live in Salem and love Chervona and would have loved to attend the Dome party. thanks

  2. mykle Says:

    Complete schedule is here:

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