February 24th, 2009

LIGHTBAR goes dark early this year …

Dome collapse ...

WTF? Well, I knew there were problems.  I’ve already had to fix several broken struts, and there were one or two near the top of the dome that I couldn’t reach to fix properly.  Yesterday we had the heaviest rain and wind in a month.  Did my baggy roof tarp begin to take on water, and grow heavy?  Were the winds worse than I realized? I wonder if anybody else’s dome fell down last night.

One thing about geodesic domes: they’re structurally cryptic.  You add stress over here, something bends way over there.   Maybe I had too much weight hanging on the frame, but it sure seemed strong yesterday afternoon.

It’s just a nest of bamboo and duct tape, no great loss there.  The real crisis is the huge pile of my friends’ stuff underneath!  As far as I can survey in the dark, everything is still covered in plastic tarps and ought to be dry.  I guess I’ll be slowly climbing in there and finding out …

7 Responses to “Crushed!”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Dang! If I weren’t possibly getting The Plague, I would help you out. I hope everything inside is ok.

  2. Dawn Korthals Says:

    I concur with Cameron. This Plague is aweful and I think it’s got a pretty strong hold of me. I hope the healthy and fit troups can be rallied to help/fix things.

  3. raquel Says:

    boy, that must have been THE party, huh? or you want me to believe that it was really the rain?

  4. mykle Says:

    I, too, am in the grip of the Grippe.

  5. Cassidy Says:

    Oh noes! Where’s a skyhook when you need one?!

  6. The Chairman of Mars Says:

    I am not sick at all (here on Mars there is no sickness!) and would extend a helping hand were it not for the fact that it would take me two years to get there, and thus would miss my appointment to videoconference in to Lightbar 2010. Good luck with that thing. I suggest next time you use Martian bamboo.

  7. jon lon Says:

    some highly recommended reading, now that the soggy dust has settled.

    by local amusement park aficionado, dan howland.

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