Evacuation …

February 25th, 2009

Yesterday was the saddest day in LIGHTBAR history.

Today — Wednesday February 25, 2009 — we’re digging out, cleaning up, sorting and sifting.  It’s really not too huge of a job, but the more the merrier — especially when it comes to folding 40-foot tarps.  Please drop by if you can.  Pizza will be ordered.

The remaining LIGHTBAR events are well and truly cancelled, BUT we’d love to find someplace to have one last little bash on Saturday.  My band never got to play, and I know everybody has these awesome gold outfits they want to wear …

3 Responses to “Evacuation …”

  1. Dan Kaufman Says:

    SUPER SORRY to hear this, Mykle. Was everything okay with the stuff underneath?

    I was hoping to come and see the lightbar this year. I’ll cross my fingers you’ll do it again. Best of luck!


  2. revphil Says:

    my heart will ache until the next time brilliance flashes my Seasonal Affective Disorder away.

  3. felix Says:

    Thank you for Llightbar! Now and for always.

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