LIGHTBAR PINK NIGHT: Frequently Asked Questions

February 25th, 2011

Q: Is it really tomorrow night?
A: Totally! Saturday Feb 26th!

Q: What is it called?

Q: What is The Bizarro Hour?
A: Bizarro-flavored readings and outfreakings by Eraserhead Press authors Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierece, Carlton Mellick II and Mykle Hansen! 8pmish!

Q: What is Iron Performance Artist?
A: Come bring your most deep and/or pretentious 5 minutes of stimulating weirdness before our panel of celebrity judges! Strange behavior is always encouraged at LIGHTBAR, but tonight be prepared to “theorize” about its “meaning”! Prizes, glory TBA! 9:30ish!

Q: What is “J-Pop”?
A: So many different crazy things! DJ Carlton Mellick spins the hits of Japan!

Q: What is “Dancing?”
A: At this time, the answer to that question is classified. DJ Fluffy Z will give a dissertation on the topic in the form of sound. Midnightish!

Q: What is “Donut On A Stick”?
A: That is for us to know and for you to find out!

Q: Should I BYOB?
A: Yes, you should BYOB. I will BMOB. We will D some B!

Q: Will it be “hot”?
A: Yes! We will “light shit on fire”! Bring firewood if you have some!

Q: What is the location, the time, the dress code, the etc?
Saturday February 26th,
7pm until the wee hours
9317 SE Stanley Ave, Milwaukie
(Just off Johnson Creek Blvd.)
Bring Your Own Beverage & five minutes of Performance Art!

Q: Where is the parking?
A: Around the other side of the factory. Look for the sign. Please don’t park on the vegetables.

4 Responses to “LIGHTBAR PINK NIGHT: Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Esther Says:

    Considering your friend demographics, shouldn’t your directions say “(Just off Springwater Corridor)”? 🙂

  2. Erinne Says:

    If a brown hoodie with turquoise hearts was left at the location, it’s mine. It would have been where bikes were being parked.

    Thanks for hosting a kick-ass party!

  3. mykle Says:

    That coat was hanging up by the garage, on somebody’s bike. last time i went back they were both gone. did you pick it up?

  4. mykle Says:

    Erinne! Your coat is still over there, hanging up by the garage. People are beginning to worry about you. Go get your coat ferhecksake, before you catch a miasma! I’m not headed back that way any time soon.

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