The MSL Clean Room

February 26th, 2009

Dude!  Does this spaceship make me look fat?

(Pardon the mess in our clean room; the cleaner is coming tomorrow, I promise.)

As the attendees of Red Night at LIGHTBAR are aware, MSL is deeply committed to earth-mars friendship.  That’s why we’re sending jacked-up hotrods to the red planet!  JPL offers a sneak peek, here.

If this mission succeeds, we’re on-schedule to host LIGHTBAR 2020 on MARS!

2 Responses to “The MSL Clean Room”

  1. The Chairman of Mars Says:

    Um, I can’t help but notice that in the last paragraph, they state “”We will attack Mars in a bunch of ways…”

    Is this what MSL is all about? Tell me they meant some kind of Party Attack. And by “a bunch of ways” we hope you mean with booze, music and chicks.

  2. mykle Says:

    Oops … that guy is so fired.

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