Welcome, MAKE readers!

August 6th, 2009

Have you noticed it’s fall already?  True, the leaves aren’t turning yet, and nobody’s harvesting pumpkins.  But still, it must be autumn because the autumn issue of MAKE Magazine is now hitting the stands — including my article on our famous Speed Vest!  I am so proud!  I feel like I crashed a smart-people party!

The funny thing is, I’m listed as the author but the incredibly diligent editorial staff at MAKE re-wrote about half of my article, illustrated it to the nines, tested it to death, and generally turned my back-of-napkin scribblings into easy-to-follow instructions that make us proud.  So all my hats are off to Paul Spinrad, Kris Magri, Keith Hammond, Goli Mohammadi and everybody else at Make who helped make me, Brady and our invention look so good.  (And special kudos to Secret Agent Katie!)

If you’re here because you want to know more about the Speed Vest, I will direct you to speedvest.com, where we’re asking everyone to take our product survey and tell us more about what they’re looking for in rampant speedvestitism.  If you’ve got questions, you can certainly ask them here.

If you’re here because you thought the article was brilliantly written, well, yes, that’s what I do.  Go look at at my books if you don’t believe me.

If you’re here because you thought the article was crap, but the invention itself was kind of neat, and you want to see more weird things, well … click around, they’re in here somewhere.

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  1. Brian Richardson Says:

    Congrats man!

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