The Creative Spark!

June 7th, 2011

UPDATEDZ! Core77 now has a ton of photos online, some video too. Here are great pix and a play-by-play of the complete fab process (trés fab!) and here are a bunch more action shots of the float conquering Portland.

I haven’t blogged about this much, but last month I was tangentially involved in helping the good folks over at Hand-Eye Supply light up their float for the Starlight Parade with about 1000 feet of animated extra-thick electroluminescent wire.

Actually, the smartest thing I did was get Paul Stoffregen involved, and he has an excellent blog post about the whole project, with lots of pictures. If you’re thinking of doing something with a thousand feet of EL wire, read it.

I mention it here mostly for completion’s sake, and to brag that our float, christened “The Creative Spark”, won the Sweepstakes Prize for Best Illumination, which is like the Best Picture award at the Oscars, but for blinky rolling things instead of major works of cinema! How awesome is that? Massive congratulations to Laurence, Eric, Jon, Tobias, Paul, and all the other busy volunteers who brought the vision to life.

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