The Coffee Project: day one

August 20th, 2009

My head aches, on schedule.  It comes and goes, accompanied by thirst — it’s a very hot day — and a heavy-lidded disorientation.  It would be a good day to spend in bed, but it’s way too hot.  And I promised my friends Seth & Missy that I would help demolish their bathroom.

Seth & Missy took me to lunch and we talked about coffee.  It makes Seth irritable and Missy anxious.  It makes them fight.  Seth nearly exploded this morning at the café when the baristas put on Metallica.  I have to agree: what were they thinking?

I’m going to lie down just a little while, and then grab all the tools I need, and drive back to Seth’s place in the middle of rush-hour traffic on a hot day, and swing a hammer in a tiny bathroom with a splitting headache.  Sure I am.

No I’m not.  I’m staying down.

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