Coffee Project: Day Two

August 21st, 2009

Wow … I feel so much better than I did yesterday.  The headaches have mostly passed.  I hope I’m over the worst part.  Now the problem is the interestingly-shaped hole in my life that coffee used to fill.

I slept oddly last night: woke up at six with a bit of headache, had breakfast, went back to bed, then slept until ten.  I’ve been browsing the various abstracts related to coffee research at Science Daily (awesome site, btw) and one thing that several studies have shown is that caffeine diminishes the quality of sleep, as measured by depth & length of the R.E.M. cycle.  So I’m looking forward to some really awesome, delicious, organically-grown sleep.

Other fascinating coffee data: caffeine withdrawal headaches are caused by too much blood in your head.  So Steev, if it feels like your brain is trying to pop like a zit, well, it sort of is.  Also, there’s some evidence that caffeine might be the cause of my other headaches.  Not that I have a lot of them, but fewer would be even better.

I’m now super-conscious of my coffee habits as, one by one, I’m intentionally foregoing them.  I used to visualize my morning cup of coffee just to motivate myself out of bed.  What do I look forward to now?  I used to have a cup of coffee every afternoon after lunch, while deciding what to do next in my day.  Now, I sit here with a weird uncertain feeling, like there’s something I’m supposed to be doing right now … oh yeah, drinking coffee!

I’m also super-conscious of just how much elaborate apparatus in my kitchen is solely for coffee-making.  Imagine, freeing up all that space in my cupboards … can you see me searching for the silver lining here?

But I’m not feeling any urge to cheat, or give up.  I walked into my neighborhood cafe yesterday morning, and again this morning, and had a glass of orange juice and a chocolate croissant.  (True, there’s some caffeine in the chocolate, but apparently not much.)  My regular barista was slightly miffed, but that’s her problem.  I wasn’t tempted.  Just going in there and reading the newspaper in the morning is lovely, even without the coffee.

I’m trying to keep busy.  I worked in the garden today.  Now I’m off to a wedding.   Tomorrow I visit friends and maybe go fishing.  Does caffeine reduce your ability to land a sturgeon?  I’ll let you know.

2 Responses to “Coffee Project: Day Two”

  1. steev Says:

    wow, mykle, it’s impressive how much research and other thought you are putting into this no-coffee thing.

    I have various headaches at all sorts of times. I’ve never been able to figure out all of the explanation. I think a lot of it is to do with dehydration, which is exacerbated by coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, living in the desert, etc.

    One thing cool I have noticed, in my own week-and-a-half long (so far) coffee-quitting excercise, is that I have to pee some noticeable amount less often when i drink less coffee.

  2. Chris Says:

    Funny how much this sounds like a minor version of quitting smoking. That feeling of “not-quite-rightness” seems to linger the longest, after the craving phase is over. I consciously eliminated caffeine from my diet years ago, first switching from coca cola to non-caffeinated root beers and lemon lime sodas (I was never a regular coffee or tea drinker), and then to just water. Now I’ll have a coke maybe once or twice a month with a good sandwich or something. Of course I have to add the cocaine myself, since the government in all its wisdom thought having it in there might be “dangerous” or “irresponsible” somehow. Pishaw!

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