Coffee Project: Day Sixty-Four

October 23rd, 2009

I had a cup of coffee on my birthday.  It was a latte from Stumptown on SW 3rd, downtown, and it was wonderful.  It’s hard to separate the coffee-feeling from the immense hangover and sleep deprivation I had from the night before, or with the euphoria and validation from all 300 of my Facebook friends wishing me happy birthday.  But I felt wide-eyed, imaginative, gregarious, festive and happy.  All afternoon I visited bookstores and bought tiny presents for myself with my gift money.  Happy birthday to me!  I stayed up a bit late but had no real trouble sleeping, and the next morning I did not feel any ill effects of withdrawal.

Two days later I had another cup of coffee — a latte from the Fresh Pot on Mississippi — and it totally sucked!  That was with plenty of rest, no hangover, and a strong need to get some writing done.  It’s hard to separate the coffee-feeling from my deeply ingrained procrastination problems, but it didn’t inspire me or improve my concentration.   I just felt twitchy, dehydrated and scatterbrained.  Walking down a sunny street I felt a layer of excess perception seperating me from the sights and smells around me.  And even though that coffee tasted just like I remember wanting coffee to taste, it still tasted terrible.  My favorite coffee from my favorite cafe.  WTF?

Today, two days after that, I had a third cup of coffee — twelve ounces of Nossa Familia drip from Petit Provence on Alberta.  I had a thoroughly atypical Type A Coffee Achiever Morning: I woke up, went jogging in the rain, got coffee and a small pastry, jogged back home, sat down and banged out my day’s writing assignment in no time at all.  Probably the jogging has more to do with how I feel than the coffee.  But I feel good.

My conclusions so far:

1) I cannot predict how coffee will make me feel.  I shouldn’t believe the tiny barrista in my head who tells me that a cup of coffee will help me with this or that, or improve my condition in any way.  It’s just not that simple.

2) I’m already starting to build a new coffee habit — too soon, too soon!   I think I’ll make a rule for coffee like I used to have for alchohol: never drink alone.  That way, when I take this drug I’m always under observation.

3) I should really jog more often.

5 Responses to “Coffee Project: Day Sixty-Four”

  1. justa Says:

    This reminds me of my experience with coffee–I find that it exacerbates whatever state of mind I’m already in. If i’m feeling pissy or neurotic, caffeination is -terrible- idea. However, if I’m already inclined towards optimism and productivity of a morning, I like to capitalize on the stuff’s amplifying effect.

    Something to take into consideration, perhaps?

  2. Mort Minton Says:

    I’m so proud of you Mykle!

  3. raquel Says:

    when was your bday?

  4. mykle Says:

    Ocober 19! Psych!

  5. Jed Says:

    Have you seen this LOLcat pic re caffeine?

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