Coffee Project: Day Seventy-Two

October 31st, 2009

(Sorry if this is getting tedious, but I continue to observe and experiment with coffee, and continue to assure myself that this is all good science and not just well-rationalized backsliding.  You judge.)

This week I’ve had three more cups of coffee.  That’s one cup every two or three days, which feels moderate.  But this takes discipline, because I crave a lot more than that, and my neighborhood is a minefield of coffeeshops.  Abstinence was easier.

Today, during lunch with my daughter, I had a 12oz latte.  It was delicious.  It kicked my linguistic lobes into overdrive; I talked my mom’s ear off, talked my wife’s ear off, spent a productive afternoon clearing my inbox and replying to correspondence, plotted several upcoming pieces of writing, read Cometbus, read Facebook … soon it was eleven PM.

I still felt antsy — a restlessness, accompanied by an adrenaline-like tightness in my chest.  So I put on a costume and went to a Halloween party down the street, danced, goofed around, drank a lot of beer and got buzzed enough to fall asleep, then came home and did just that.

But then … my incredibly noisy neighbors across the street woke me up (as they have several dozen times this summer) with yet another 3am gangsta rap party. Speakers cranked, front door wide open.

Now, two hours later, they’ve gone to bed but I’m still awake!  Still, my chest is tight and my heart is pounding.  Still, I want to hurl burning tires and smoke detectors through my neighbors’ window.  Still, I can’t sleep.

All this from one cup of coffee I drank seventeen hours ago?  Or would I be just as livid if I hadn’t had it?

3 Responses to “Coffee Project: Day Seventy-Two”

  1. justa Says:

    coffee screws with me for a good 20 hours or so

    (and i continue to find these posts interesting, keep it up if you feel like it!)

  2. steev Says:

    I find these posts to be very interesting, Mykle, but allow me to add another, contrary, data point: As I’ve mentioned in comments before, I’ve had like 22 years of experimenting with my caffeine intake but in the last few years I feel like nothing really makes that much of a difference. I start to fall asleep at 10 pm or so whether I’ve had full octane, decaf, green tea, pepsi, coke, or yerba mate. And I end up waking up and not getting back to sleep 6 hours after I go to bed, regardless. I do notice that in times of extreme stress and emotional intensity, caffeine seems to play more havoc on me, but for the most part stopping or starting or binging isn’t that huge a deal. Maybe I blew out my nervous system years ago, or maybe I lack objective self-awareness of my own physiology, or maybe people are just differently disposed to how they react to stimulants.

  3. Gabriel Amadeus Says:

    Your weeks are my days.

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