Booze Project: Day 2

January 4th, 2010

Just kidding.  It’s not really a project, just a tradition.  For the third year running, I’m going to forego any alcohol for the month of January.  I got the idea from my friend David Trappe, who is no teetotaler.  It seems like a good idea: I give my liver a month off from processing the toxin alcohol, and prove to myself that I don’t have a drinking problem.

Truth is, I’ve already screwed it up.  January 1st was mired in airmiles, and I couldn’t pass up those delicious tiny airplane drinks — they make time go faster! Then I got home and had to celebrate that, etc.  But as of yesterday, I’m on the mini-wagon.  Giddyup, time-horses!

Truth is, I screwed this up in previous years as well.  It seems I always break down a few days before February.  But this time will be different.  Why?  Because I’m a blogger now!  How could I steal a drink with the whole Internet watching?  I wouldn’t dare.

Anyway, nothing deep to report here.  Just be warned that I’m going to get all sober on your ass.  If you’re headed our for a night of serious drinking, I’ll take a raincheck.

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  1. Cameron Pierce Says:

    I’ll see you at Lucky Lab on Thursday. I may report you to the Internet.

    No, I wouldn’t do that. Anyway, this sounds like a neat tradition.

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