Snazzy Portland: the first shoot!

January 9th, 2010

Whee!  We just had a great organizational meeting, and the weatherman says we’re ON for tomorrow morning’s shoot for SNAZZY PORTLAND!  Again I beg your wacky assistance: please come if you can.  Fun times are assured!

The shoot starts at 10am on Sunday January 10th — tomorrow morning, as I write this.  We will be shooting by the Japanese Memorial Sculpture on the West Side Esplanade, next to the Steel Bridge.  Here’s a map link:

We need a variety of costume items in order to create the illusion of Venice Beach, which will then dissolve into the reality of Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

If you just want to be part of the pack of smiling Portland bicyclists in this shot, simply come as yourself and bring your bicycle.  So easy!

BUT, if you’re willing to be a Californian-Portlander transformer in this shot, please bring AT LEAST these things:

— dark glasses
— cell phone (does not have to work)
— beachwear, lawyerwear or moviestarwear
— proper Portland rain attire, especially a coat and hat, to fit over your other attire.
— your bicycle

In addition, it would be helpful if you wore or lent us

— a blonde wig
— a bikini
— zinc sunblock
— sweat bands and/or leggings
— a small dog in a beach outfit
— a brightly colored jogging suit
— a ponytail
— iguana boots
— board shorts
— flip flops
— spandex in any color, but the brighter the better
— a surfboard
— a skateboard or inline skates (please know how to use)
— any other obviously Californian items you have.

If you have extra of any of the above, we’d love to borrow it for this shot.

Also: please bring enough layers, books, whiskey, etc. that you will be comfortable waiting around outdoors between takes.  There will be hot coffee and snacks.  There will be mirth and hijinks.  There will not be cocaine or groupies, but I’m still looking forward to a good Hollywood-style video-making time.

Thank you a million, billion times over!


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