Snazzy Portland vs. Cold Alaska!

March 2nd, 2010

Attention volunteers, weirdos and northern soaks!

Believe it or not, folks, but Snazzy Portland is still in production.  Like a grizzly bear, it takes long naps and wakes up HUNGRY!

We are now planning our third group-shot for the video, set in scenic ALASKA!  We’re very tentatively planning this shoot for SUNDAY MARCH 7.  (At this juncture it’s hard to be sure about the weather, so we will re-confirm or reschedule later this week.)

For this shot, we need extras who resemble typical inhabitants of Alaska, such as:

LUMBERJACKS! (flannel, suspenders, boots, cap, axe, etc.)
FISHERMEN! (rubber rain gear, beards, pipes, fish, etc.)
BEARS! (believe it or not, i already have a bear costume.  want to wear it?)
other WOODLAND CREATURES (moose, crab, hockey player, etc.)
SARAH PALIN!  (stars-n-stripes bikini, shotgun, square framed glasses, etc.)

.. or any other ALASKAN you can think of.  What do Alaskans look like, anyway?  Your guess is as good as mine.  (If you’ve been there, your guess is better!)

As before, I humbly ask that if you are able to show up dressed like this, or if you own any of these prop/costume items and would lend them for the shoot, please get in touch with me so I can coordinate the madness!

Thanks for all you do!

3 Responses to “Snazzy Portland vs. Cold Alaska!”

  1. matt Says:

    I’ll be there – and I’ve got lots of logging gear!


  2. 3IMOH Says:


    I can be there with some flannel, a beard and a Husqvarna. I also have an old 30/30 lever-action rifle, though that is more (old)southwest than Alaskan.

    when? Where?

    Contact me via vintage channels…I am among the un-facebooked.


  3. mykle Says:


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