The Films of Mykle Hansen

Let it not be said that Mykle Hansen discriminates against the illiterate!  Maybe “films” is too strong a word, but here are some entertaining videos for your computer, phone or toaster oven:

HELP! A BEAR IS EATING ME! Detailed instructions on how to prevent and/or provoke a fatal bear attack.  (Much more of this sort of thing is available at the book site.)

ENGLISH AS SHE IS SPAKE: An english-language instructional video for Maltese immigrants, written by and starring Mykle as “Immigrant A”, and featuring Seamus Campbell in the poignant role of “Immigrant B”.

SLOWLY, LANGUOROUSLY: Live record of a special reading on a hot day in St. Johns, at the first annual NO.Fest.

DO YOU COPY?: A silly feature-length film about the fantasy lives of copy shop employees, starring Mykle Hansen in the role of Helmut the Hitman.  This is the second film in the Gracies Somewhat Rapid Movies trilogy, in which a group of Portland weirdos explored techniques of organization toward individual and shared cinematic goals, usually over a weekend.  (The entire trilogy and its philosophies are explained in the ‘zine Godzilla Vs. Gracies.)


On the other end of the professional cinematic spectrum, Mykle was a script-polisher for Coraline, the fantastic stop-motion feature film from Laika Entertainment.  See if you can guess which lines were his!  Mykle has several other film and television projects making their way through the vast intestines of the entertainment-industrial complex, but it’s best not to jinx them with description at this time.