The Soothing Sounds of Mykle

The drums

It’s not got much to do with books, but Mykle has played, and may play again, in the following musical ensembles:

THE GOLDEN GREATS are a dance-funk-punk-junk ensemble who play parties in the greater Portland area.  Listen to them on Myspace! In this band, Mykle plays drums made of garbage.

THE BAD MINTONS are a troupe of mariachis led by Mykle and professional guitar-god Chet Lyster.  Mykle sings and plays traffic cone and harmonica.  They have an album around here someplace …

THE HEMISPHERIC CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is a term for whatever group of musicians gathers to perform avant-garde classical music in public. Mykle has played guitar and death star with this bunch.

BOHEMIAN ONSLAUGHT was once a mighty, terrible thing to behold!  Alas, they drank themselves into legend.  Mykle sang, played rhythm guitar and wrote press releases.