‘Zines, as compared to books, are skinny, spineless, and sold by smelly men in dark alleyways.  Mykle has made dozens of them.  For instance:

JOYRIDE covers 1 and 2

JOYRIDE (2009) is a ‘zine about how bicycling colors your thoughts about everything else.  Joyride number one, Ride Reports, surveys bike lanes and public space in Portland, Minneapolis and Paris.  Joyride number two — conveniently bound to the back of number one — contains A Commitment To Quantity (a brief history of Huffy Bicycles) and You Get What You Pay For (a microhistory of Huffy product recalls.)

40 page double issue.  Photocopied.

g-v-g cover

Godzilla versus Gracies (2006) documents how a loose association of bored weirdos produced three weird movies (including the bizarro classic Do You Copy?) over the course of three weekends in Portland, Oregon.  It includes The Gracies Method, a one-page recipie for your own 72-hour movie, and The Hollywood Method, a nine-step guide to spending fifty million dollars of someone else’s money.

20 pages.  Photocopied.

Stimulus cover

Stimulus (2008) is a collection of works by members of the Portland Literary Offensive, including Mykle Hansen, Jess Gulbransen, Edward Morris and Jeremy Kemp.  It was distributed to visitors of the 2008 Wordstock convention by a man in a bear suit. In an effort to re-inflate the struggling American economy,  one billion dollars were included with each issue.

32 pages, and a billion dollars. Photocopied.

20th century typewriting cover

Treasure from trash! 20th Century Typewriting — Eyeheart Edition (2002) is a cut & paste appreciation of the one-line typing drill haikus of Lessenberry, Crawford and Erickson, as reassembled by Mykle and Cassidy Curtis. Accompanied by a history of typewriters and an essay on the importance of the home position.

16 pages. Fun, educational. Photocopied.